Fee Schedule

Dove Transport, LLC Fee Schedule



Dove Transport is a private non-emergency transportation service for people with disabilities.


  • We tailor each transport to your unique service needs.
  • Professional Driver
  • Luxury and Comfortable Ride
  • Personal Assistance
  • Confidential / Follow the HIPAA Privacy Rule


Fee Schedule:


  • Flat Rate: $50 each-way within DFW Metro (non-lift)
  • Wheelchair Load/Unload:  $65 (example: Roundtrip is $120)
  • Holidays $95 (example: Roundtrip is $130 / Holidays $195)
  • Per Mile: Per Mile (M-F $3.25), (S -S $4.35) and (Holidays $5.25)


WAIT Service Fee per HOUR: ALL trips 6 miles or less will automatically charged 6 miles WAIT Service Fee per HOUR (M-F $40), . (S-S $55 ) and (Holidays $65) A minimum of 1 HR prepaid required on ALL roundtrip transport

*****Pre-Paid transport that occur additional time will be invoice and paid on site*****


*****If additional time occurs fees are due immediately before departure*****


***Same day Service: Flat Fee $25 additional
Before and/or After Hours FLAT Fee $25. (Before 6am or after 5:59pm)
1 way Relocation flat rate $185.00 w/in 10 mile addition mileage applies driver only any additional staff $40.00 per HR

Credit Card Processing Fee: $4.00
***NO Processing Fee Applies
QuickPay with ZELLE® ***


1. Add Recipient: Dove Transport LLC
2. Phone: 214 763-9687
3. Enter the Invoice Amount without $6.00 Credit Card Fee
**  NOTE:  Cancellation Fee will apply to all schedule services NOT cancelled 2 hours prior to pickup time

We Look Forward To Serving you!